Tuesday, 27 August 2013

California Cool.

Back in May, ASOS sent me the newest issue of their magazine. The cover featured a band of three girls, sisters in fact, who I had heard of, but knew very little about. They went by the name of Haim. 
I found their article pretty interesting so I figured I'd check their music. 
What's come out of that, is a whole summer of me being completely obsessed with this Californian trio.

They play alternative rock which has a real indie, breezy up-tempo feel to it which is so infectious I just want to dance and sway around every time I hear them.
There's lead vocalist/guitarist Danielle, big sis Este, who plays bass and Alana "Baby Haim" who plays pretty much everything else. And they've created a sound which has somehow become the soundtrack to my summer of 2013. Which is fine.

They're music isn't the only thing I'm obsessed with though: each has long thick hair and their style oozes the same free spirit that songs do. They have the same late-70's vibe to their style that I'm completely in love  with- it's as if hippy and punk had three children together.
All I want to do is raid their wardrobes.

I've watched them seriously blow up this summer- they've played almost every major festival here in the UK, as well as a few other huge shows here and in Europe, despite the fact they've yet to release an album. But that's a given; they're literally covered with talent. 

So my question is, where do I sign up to become the 4th Haim sister?

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