Saturday, 18 May 2013

Memory Lane Take 2.

On Thursday Me and my Aunt went to Brighton to see McFly. Again...
I did warn you this post was coming.

In a way this was better than Tuesday night. We had a cheeky surprise acoustic set from James Bourne. (Top Picture) Who I've actually been waiting over ten years to see live. 
He's a big part of the reason I got into music and why I love so many bands/ artists that I love today -including Mcfly. So the fact that he did a surprise set made my entire life.

I managed to get second row for both him and The Vamps. Who, P.S, were even better Thursday than they were Tuesday. If that's possible.

Mcfly never fail to put on an amazing show and I think that's one of the reasons how they're still going strong after ten years. I think they're the only band that I have a huge smile plastered on my face throughout their entire show. 
They've gotten me through a lot of stuff over these past ten years and I can guarantee that they'll be the band that gets me through whatever else life decides to throw at me. 

I also managed to get a few more videos (in HQ) for everyone. 

Much Love.

       James Bourne -Beautiful Girls Are The Loneliest                                                   The Vamps -Wild Heart

               The Vamps -Little Things (1D Cover)                                                      Mcfly -I'll Be Ok/Bubblewrap


  1. I love McFly <3
    I really like your blog ! What do you think about following each other ?:)

    1. I just checked out your blog and its ever so lovely!!
      instant follow! :) xx