Tuesday, 27 November 2012

"It's Only Rock & Roll"

Today I'm pretty sick. So I've been in bed all day. But that did mean I got round to watching The Rolling Stones documentary, 'Crossfire Hurricane'.
I'm someone that loves documentary movies, 'Dogtown and Z-boys' and 'Riding Giants' are some of my  favs, and being a big fan of the Stones, I had pretty high hopes for this.
To be honest, my high hopes were reached and beaten. 
The whole thing was amazing and extremely well made. 
I liked how they talked through the story, rather than having a narrator tell it.
And there was a lot of unseen footage. And of course an amazing soundtrack to go with it.
Being only 19, I'm pretty sure i was born in the wrong era. 
My heart craves for a way of life that doesn't exsist anymore.
I wish I could have been there when The Stones started- Watched them really blow up and grow into who they are now. 
But lucky for me, good music has no expiration date.

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